Head Coach/OC/Recruiting Coordinator/Trainer

Coach Grant is a 21 years US Army Combat Veteran. He served in Combat Operations in Afghanistan three times and Iraq twice.

He has trained the most mentally and physically tough Soldiers in the world. Coach Grant is a highly decorated Airborne Paratrooper that has Three Bronze Star Medals, Two Meritorious Service Medals, Thirteen Army Commendation Medals, ten Army Service Medals and the United States Special Operations K9 identifier as a Special Operations Soldier.

He is the head coach and CEO of Team Texas Fury Inc. He holds over 20 years of Coaching experience to include coaching youth sports, high school select level sports and the semi pro level. Coach Grant has coached, teached and mentored over 75 student athletes that’s on current NCAA rosters. As the recruiting coordinator for Team Fury, he has coordinated over 65 college scholarships during the 2021 cycle. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from CSU and holds several master fitness certifications.

Coach Grant has won several AAU Football National Championships, Won three Baseball National Championships, Several 7v7 Championships and is currently training 60 student athletes to get to the next level.

Twitter- @COACHGRANT6 @Fury7v7
IG- fury7v7prime
Conrad Levy serves as an assistant offensive coordinator for Texas Fury and the Director of Operations. For over 15 years, he has coached numerous sports, including softball, baseball, and football, and he has led many teams to championships.

He has a tremendous deal of tenacity and rapport with many of our Fury players, not just teaching them on the field but also coaching them in life.

Conrad has completed numerous courses in sports medicine, but he has a stronger desire to work in the criminal justice system. Conrad graduated from the University of Houston Downtown with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2020. He currently serves as a Texas Peace officer in the Houston area.
Julius Levy
Assistant defensive coach
Coaching football for 14 years. 1 year of high school. 1 year of 7 on 7 out of the 14.
Played for McNeese State University 2003-2004. Southland conference champion 2003
I’m here to coach hard, but fair. Also be a mentor to these great young men that you parents trust us with. Ultimately getting their best performance from these young men every time they hit the field! A father of 5, and always put GOD FIRST!


Adam Sandoval
Director of Media Operations
5 years in the Sports Media
Owner of AFGP Sports
Based out of Dallas, Texas
Covered events in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Arizona.
Contributor with, TXFBLife Recruiting, Prep Redzone and Friday Night Glory
“Provide exposure and motivate young athletes to excel at the next level while always doing what’s best for themselves off the field”

Sponsors-Words fall short when I try to express my sincerest gratitude for your sponsorship. We appreciate everything that you have done for the organization and We will continue to work hard.

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The Athletic Academy
Team Texas Fury is a 501c3 non-profit sports organization that helps advance athletes to the next level in competitive sports. Team Texas Fury offers elite training provided by certified trainers, ACT/SAT prep for testing, and in-depth college visits. Team Texas Fury works hand in hand with the community thru community services with our youth, weekly youth athletic training sessions, and monthly mentoring with guest speakers. The Texas Fury Coaching Staff is consisting of volunteers consisting of retired combat military veterans and former college athletes. We are a competitive travel organization that attends Elite level tournaments in California, Arizona, Atlanta, Louisiana, Mississippi,Kentucky, Florida and Texas to gain maximum exposure and compete against the nation’s best student athletes. The sponsor contributions will go towards travel cost for transportation, food, lodging, personal media, training and tournament fees for each player.